A warm welcome to all CEE, ENE & MS alumni

We treasure the relationship with our alumni and encourage you to stay connected with us and your fellow alumni. We have designed a host of services and privileges for you, and we hope you will find them useful and beneficial to your career development and beyond.

Be it lifestyle, sports or just pure nostalgia, a myriad of CEE alumni events await you throughout the year. We have events such as class reunions, wine tasting, movie screenings, networking lunches & dinners and many more!

As an alumnus of the university, you are entitled to a suite of privileges from the NTU Alumni Affairs Office (AAO).

Free Alumni Email Account For Life

If you have graduated recently, you may apply for email retention to keep the NTU mailbox issued to you when you were a student. Otherwise, you can apply for a free alumni mailbox that you can keep for life. Your permanent alumni email address will end with, identifying you as a valued part of NTU.

Alumni Networks

Connect with old classmates from Civil, Environmental and Maritime Studies and NTU through a variety of alumni associations formed by NTU alumni.

NTU Alumni Club

Enjoy club facilities when you sign up as a member of the NTU Alumni Club. The club has its own clubhouse at One-North, Buona Vista, with a host of amenities and services for its elite members.

Library Graduate Membership

Extend access to NTU’s libraries with a Graduate Membership. You will also gain access to four academic databases and enjoy other selected electronic resources at the library.


Year 2019​

  • Alumni Movie Screening – Charlie’s Angels – 6 December
    Photo Gallery
  • CEE Cosmic Bowling Network – 15 November
    Photo Gallery
  • Class of 1989 30th Anniversary Reunion – 13 & 20 July
    Photo Gallery

Year 2018​

  • Alumni Movie Screening - Mortal Engines – 7 December
    Photo Gallery

Year 2017

  • NTU CSE Class of 1987 30th Anniversary Reunion Dinner – 27 October
    Photo Gallery

Year 2016

  • Alumni Movie Screening - Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – 6 May
    Photo Gallery