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Congratulations to our civil engineering team!​

Published on: 20-Feb-2020


The NTU civil engineering undergraduate team has got 6th place out of 30 teams in UTAR SES 6.0 competition. The competition is very competitive as UTAR (organizer) has intra-SES selection before holding this event and most of the teams have experiences in major tournaments before.

Throughout this period from preparation till the actual competition, students have learnt a lot and have several takeaways. The students are more familiarized with the structural behavior of building under seismic loading from the analysis of structural software, research and hands-on experiences. The team has built six sets of models as practice and thus their workmanships have improved tremendously. With the practices, the team managed to finish the building within the time limit by half an hour and it showed the importance of project planning. Time management is an important skill as they have to prepare this competition and cope with their studies simultaneously. Last but not least, the biggest takeaway from this seismic competition is the students are able to develop creativity, critical thinking skills, and react spontaneously as they faced different ordeals throughout and even during the competition. These qualities are of paramount importance to prepare them to be a good civil engineer.

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