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Congratulations to Prof Robert Tiong and Dr Meghdad Attarzadeh for receiving the BCA Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awards – Project Category: GoldPlus Award​

Published on: 30-Oct-2017


Together with Kimly Construction Pte Ltd and partners, the NTU’s Smart Crane System & BIM team, led by Prof Robert Tiong and Dr Meghdad Attarzadeh, won the GoldPlus Award under the BCA BIM Awards 2017 – Project Category, for the project ‘Signature@Yishun’.

The award was presented by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, at the Singapore Construction Productivity Week 2017 Opening Ceremony, held on 24 Oct 2017. The ‘BCA Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awards – Project Category’ recognises the contribution of project teams in their BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) projects implementation during the design stage, construction stage, and facility management stage.

The awards aim to:

  • Encourage project teams to adopt a more collaborative design and construction process by leveraging on the BIM technologies and VDC processes to meet project goals

  • Recognise project teams for their outstanding examples of BIM/VDC use in enhancing productivity.

The NTU BIM-based Smart Crane System has been developed and utilized at the ‘Signature@Yishun’ construction site, in partnership with BCA and Kimly Construction Pte Ltd and partners, for precast elements logistics management, on-site inventory checking and hoisting and installation processes. It has two main functionalities:

  • Semi auto-detection, track & collection of precast elements

  • Semi auto-position and send precast elements to identified locations.

Different kind of technologies, such as BIM system, sensors, camera system, positioning system, have been developed and deployed to provide and enable an integration solution that is capable to track precast elements from delivery to installation at site.

The construction informatics and componential BIM-based information of the precast element has been used by the system to guide the crane operator to detect, hoist, and locate it at its final designated position in the building. The system was able to address the construction site limitations and constraints such as blind lifting, which in turn enhances construction site productivity.

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