MSc in Environmental Engineering (Will be discontinued from AY19/20)



The Asian environmental technology market is a multi-billion dollar industry that is projected to grow considerably in the coming years. Environmental technology is an area of vital and strategic importance to many countries and can improve the management and quality of precious land, air and water resources. With a well-managed environment, countries will be better positioned to attract valuable investments and fuel economic growth. 

This programme is designed to equip graduate environmental engineers and other related professionals with advanced skills and expertise in a wide variety of environmental disciplines. The programme offers a comprehensive range of subjects on advanced water and wastewater treatment, air and land pollution as well as broader aspects of environmental management and planning. 

In addition, classroom teaching will build an in-depth understanding of fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes. There will also be opportunities to attend classes conducted by international experts on special topics such as membrane-based water purification and advanced sludge management.