MSc in Maritime Studies


Programme Structure

​To be awarded the degree of Master of Science (Maritime Studies), a candidate must complete 30 AUs. At least 18 AUs (12 AUs compulsory + 6 AUs electives) must be selected from the core topics. The remaining courses could be drawn from the core topics of shipping or from a selection of graduate level courses offered by various programmes in NTU.

The classes are normally conducted in the evenings or weekends and selected concentrated periods during office hours.

Typically a part-time candidate would take 3 courses each for the first two semesters, and 2 courses in the third and fourth semesters. A candidate studying full-time can complete the requirements in two semesters.

Available in one intake per year (August), the course may be taken either on full-time or part-time basis. For full-time students, the minimum period of candidature is one year and the maximum period is three years. For part-time students, the minimum and maximum periods of candidature are two years and four years, respectively.​