Bachelor of Engineering in Civil


Mission and Programme Educational Objectives

Programme Mission Statement

Delivers broad based education in sustainable civil infrastructure development covering multi-disciplinary areas with professional knowledge and skills, and prepares graduates for career advancement and life-long learning.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) will enable its graduates to:

  • achieve a high level of technical expertise for succeeding in the civil engineering profession;
  • acquire analytical, problem solving, and lifelong learning skills necessary for their continued professional development so as to stay relevant in an increasingly multi‐disciplinary profession;
  • be competent in addressing multi‐disciplinary challenges in civil engineering and to provide technically sound, economically feasible, and sustainable solutions;
  • be socially responsible citizens and be ready to play leadership roles in their profession, public service, and community; and
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit for harnessing new opportunities in developing sustainable infrastructure systems.