Minor in Environmental Management


EM9107 Environmental Health and Safety Management

[Lecture: 39 hrs; Tutorial: 0 hrs; Lab: 0 hr;  Pre-requisite: Nil; Academic Unit: 3]

Learning Objective :

Introduction to basic principles of environmental health and safety practices and creating awareness of public and occupational health and safety requirements associated with the environment.

Course Content :

Basic safety, health and environmental issues; legislations and regulations, exposure to toxic chemicals, biohazards, chemical hazards, noise, occupational health; air, water and noise control.

Course Outline :




Introduction to environmental, health and safety management in an occupational environment. EHS management system.


General concept of risk, risk assessment and risk management
General safety – equipment, electrical, confined space, etc


Chemical safety (I): Fundamentals


Chemical safety (II): Occupational Health: permissible exposure limits, solvents, metals, dusts, cancer causing agent, major occupational diseases in Singapore, Chemicals in the environment. major environmental disasters (Bhopal, Seveso)


Biosafety: epidemic and pandemic, WHO Biosafety Manual, Management of Biosafety in Laboratories and Biomedical Facilities


Noise at the workplace and environmental noise issues




Flammable materials, fire and explosion.


Air pollution - sources, impacts and control. Trans-boundary movement of air pollutants (haze)


Water management – sources, impacts and control hazardous waste - sources, impacts and control

Learning Outcome :

Students will be able to manage and implement safety measure at various workplaces based on the Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006. The course will equip student with basic knowledge on safety issue related with explosion, pollutant release in water and air, and to implement measure during outbreak of flu epidemic at work place.

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