​Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies


Entry Exemptions

Admission to Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies)
Admission to Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies) with Business Major

Applicants who are Certificate of Merit Holder with the following Diploma could be given exemptions in selected year 1 and 2 courses based on the relevancy of the course taken and grade obtained


Polytechnic Diploma In​ AU Exempted could be (Up to)
Singapore​​ Maritime Transportation Management 17 AU
  Maritime Business 17 AU
  Maritime Engineering 14 AU
  Business Administration 12 AU
  Engineering with Business 12 AU
  Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management 9 AU
  Nautical Studies 11 AU
Ngee Ann Logistics Management 12 AU
  International Supply Chain & Management 11 AU
 ​ International Logistics & Supply Chain Management 9 AU
  Maritime & Offshore Technology 6 AU
  Business Process & Quality 6 AU
Temasek Logistics and Operations Management 9 AU
  Business Process & System Engineering 3 AU
Republic Supply Chain Management 6 AU
  Industrial and Operations Management 6 AU
  Civil Aviation 9 AU
Nanyang Marking 6 AU
  Manufacturing Engineering 3 AU