​Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies



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The Maritime Studies progamme focuses primarily on shipping business and management. The programme structure is designed to equip our graduates to excel as professionals in shipping and maritime related sectors. The programme structure is flexible and broad-based. Students will complete one semester in the third year of their studies at our overseas partner university. The curriculum also includes Professional Internship to fully prepare students to enter the workforce.

In addition to the Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Maritime Studies, the Second Major in Business is jointly offered by the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Nanyang Business School.

The specialisation in International Trading is also offered as part of the Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Maritime Studies, and Bachelor of Science (Hon) degree with Second Major in Business. This specialisation provides graduates with enhanced career opportunities in global commodity trading.

The Work-Study Degree Programme integrates institution-based learning with structured On-the-Job-Training in partner companies. The programme aims to enhance students’ readiness for their professional careers upon graduation.

Be part of Singapore’s Economic Pillar

Singapore has been an international trading centre. Maritime trade has been a key pillar of our economy. This programme was established in collaboration with Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore to build up future-ready talent pool in the local shipping industry as well as to strengthen Singapore’s leading position as the International Maritime Centre.

Recent news on the Maritime Industry and its Importance to Singapore:

Diverse and Exciting Career Opportunities

The maritime sector is full of exciting career prospects, A great diversity of job opportunities await our Maritime Studies graduates such as in shipping finance, logistics, port management, marine insurance, ship management, commodity trading, etc. (Click here to see the exciting jobs held by our recent graduates in various industrial sectors.​)

Vibrant and Closely Knitted Student Community

Maritime Studies students are closely knitted. They are always active in organizing and participating in events while forging close ties with the shipping industry and other key shipping stakeholders.

Maritime Business Society is the dedicated student body for NTU Maritime Studies. MBS is officially endorsed by The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and The Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF).

Our students have also been active in externally organized events and have won many prestigious competitions.

Maritime Studies students winning the Champion and 2nd Runner Up during the 2020 National Maritime Case competition