​Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies



Diverse Career Opportunities in Maritime Awaiting You!

The maritime industry is poised to grow steadily over the years. The maritime industry offers good career prospects with commensurate salaries, job stability and job flexibility. Graduates are expected to fill key leadership roles in the maritime industry. Our fresh graduates are expected to be employed in a broad and diverse range of shore-based jobs. Our graduates have been in diverse exciting jobs in various sectors. Click on each of the graduates below to find out more!​​

Shen Wanling
Class of 2008
Sector: Government
Assistant Director, Maritime & Port Authority, Singapore

Niu Wenjue
Class of 2008
Sector: Shipping Finance
Director, CCB Financial Leasing

Su Weixiang
Class of 2010
Sector: Ship Management &

Head of Pacific Desk for J. Lauritzen

Yuen Kum Fai
Class of 2012
Sector: Academic
Assistant Professor, Maritime Studies, Nanyang Technological University.​

Wang Wenxiu Charlotte
Class of 2016
Sector: Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain Manager, Proctor & Gamble​

Debbie Leng
Class of 2015
Sector: Marine Insurance
Group Insurance & Claims Manager,
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement​

Eugene Lim
Class of 2019
Sector: Port Management
Terminal Stowage Planner, PSA Singapore​

Muhammad Nawazsher Khan
Class of 2019
Sector: Shipbroking
Shipbroker Executive, Strait Shipbroker​

Ng Sen Mian
Class of 2020
Sector: Energy Transportation & Infrastructure Services
Management Trainee, BW Group​

Cheryl Teng
Class of 2020
Sector: Oil & Gas Trading
Trading Operator, TOTAL Trading Asia​