​Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Upon the successful completion of NTU BSc MS programme, graduates should be able to:


  • Develop an overall awareness of maritime activities, port and shipping industry and their association with economy and trade.
  • Describe and apply concepts and theories in sub-fields as contributing to the maritime industry and integrate various related themes, skills and knowledge.
  • Understand and manage the maritime environment.
  • Apply related information pertaining to procedures, operations and management of maritime entities and operational issues in the maritime industry.
  • Capture and analyse market data using analytical tools, conduct related research in the maritime arena, as well as design, develop and execute maritime projects.
  • Engage in lifelong learning in preparation for current and future vocations and career options in the maritime environment.
  • Creativity

  • Approach and solve basic maritime problems, through both strategic and research methods, and put theoretical knowledge into practical applications in related industries.
  • Develop maritime related risk management strategies.
  • Communications

  • Communicate shipping and maritime management in policy, strategy, and prevailing issues and requirements in an organization and to achieve good teamwork.
  • Write professional reports and conduct public speaking confidently.
  • Character

  • Recognise the importance of a strong and just leadership, comply to ethical standards, and uphold highest standards of integrity as a professional.
  • Civic Mindedness

  • Integrate all related skills and knowledge into the industry and exercise due diligence as a highly responsible professional, contributing towards nation and the society.