Prospective Students (Undergraduate)


GER Prescribed Electives courses

​P​lease note that not all courses are offered in every semester or academic year, please check the Course Offer Table.​

GER Prescribed Electives (Science, Technology & Society)

Course code and Title No of AUs​​ ​Pre-requisite​
CV4107 Engineering Economics & Finance ​3 ​-
SU2001 Urban Planning & Design​ ​3 ​-
​SU3001 Integrated Urban Management ​3 ​-
SU4001 Leaders in Urban Systems and Policy​ ​3 ​-
GER-Prescribed Electives (Liberal Studies / Liberal Arts)

​​Course code and Title ​No of AUs Pre-requisite
​​CV8004 Modern Marvel - People/Good Mover ​​3 ​​-
​​​CV8005 Ancient Chinese Architecture and Man-Made Wonders ​​3 ​​-
​CV8006 Hot Issues in a Wild, Wet World ​​​3 ​​-​​
​GER-Prescribed Electives (Business & Management)

Course code and Title No of AUs ​Pre-requisite
​​CV8011 Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship ​​​3 ​​​-