Degree of Bachelor (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering and Degree of Bachelor (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering with Business Major 


The Civil Engineering programme is structured on a flexible and diverse system that allows you to choose from a broad range of courses to receive a well-rounded education while maintaining high academic standards. 

Students take the common engineering courses which deals with basic concepts in mathematics, science and fundamental engineering principles, followed by a balanced-mix of core courses in the civil engineering discipline. 

Courses offered include basic theory of structures, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, engineering drawing & measurement, structural analysis, design in concrete and steel structures, and specialized courses in foundation, transportation and environmental engineering.

During the course of study, students also have the chance to register for Industrial Orientation (IO) in a private company or public organization, where they learn to practise civil engineering under the guidance of experienced engineers and managers.

In the final year, the programme concentrates on training students in professional civil engineering practice as well as managerial and entrepreneurial skills and students are also required to complete a two-semester duration research project in any of the specializations in civil engineering.

Civil Engineering programme with Business major

Starting from August 2014, a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering with Business Major will be offered jointly by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Nanyang Business School. Students will be trained in both Engineering and Business over the normal programme duration of 4 years. Graduates of this programme will have enhanced competitive advantage and market value and access to a wider breadth of career options and opportunities.