C.E.E. Graduate Students’ Club


C.E.E. Graduate Students’ Club


NTU CEE graduate students’ club was formed in 2013. The Club represent the entire CEE graduate student population in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and addresses any relevant issues related to CEE graduate students, as far as their resources and authority allows them.

All current CEE graduate students are entitled to participate in the Club’s activities and events subject to any rules, regulations, and capacity limitations that may apply. All current CEE graduate students are entitled to attend the Club’s Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meeting, and to vote on any resolutions that are presented.

A ‘member’ of the CEE GSC is any graduate student who is actively involved in the organization of any of the Club’s activities or events. This includes all members of the Executive Committee, any official subcommittees, and any members who have been recruited on an ad-hoc basis. The committee is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Social and Recreational committee, Director of Academics and Liaison officers.

The Club’s objectives are to,

  • Represent the interests of the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) graduate students and communicate them to the university administration with the purpose of exploring ways to resolve them.

  • Organize an orientation programme for new graduate students in conjunction with the school.

  • Improve the student life of graduate students on campus by planning and organizing activities and events, which may not be limited to just social, recreational, sporting, cultural, educational, and career related purposes.

  • Foster a strong and meaningful relationship between the graduate student population; and the undergraduate student population, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Advisory / Advisor

The Office of Advisor of the CEE GSC is the Associate Chair (Students) or Assistant Chair (Students) of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University or his/her nominee. Also, one member of the previous CEE GSC may be nominated as the Student Advisor to the Club. 

The Advisors are authorized to attend any General Meeting and Executive Committee meetings to provide their advice. The advisor (s) is (are) not part of the Executive Committee without its consent.