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For students, please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your registration record is correct and the courses you are within the curriculum applicable to you. Please report to your Course Registration Advisors and Administrators immediately if you have any doubts about your registration record.

Students are to check for your personalised date and time for registration under View Personalised Course Registration Information in STARS from Tue, 9 June 2020 (9 am) onwards.

Registration Information:

Changes w.e.f AY2019/20 S1

Students who are admitted to Year 1 to the of the respective programmes , in AY2015/16 onwards are not allowed to exercise S/U Option for the above-mentioned courses.

Specialization in Civil Infrastructure

ENE students who have opted to take up Specialization in Civil Infrastructure, will need to read the following five (5) courses in NTU.

  • ​CV2011 Structural Analysis I (Core Course)

  • CV3016 Construction Technology & Processes (Core Course – new update)

  • CV2014 Geotechnical Engineering (Major Prescribed Elective)

  • CV3011 Reinforced Concrete Design (Major Prescribed Elective – new update)​

  • CV3012 Steel Design (Major Prescribed Elective)

As these courses must be graded in order to be qualified for the Specialization in Civil Infrastructure, students are not allowed to read any of them during their exchange programme. Unless you have no intention to obtain the Specialization in Civil Infrastructure, then the normal course matching for the exchange programme applies, where applicable.

  • Classification of Students​

  • Course Coordinators

  • Overview of Curriculum Structure

  • Time-table clashes:
    For lecture clashes, of the courses must be a repeated course, please send in your Online CEE Course Approval Form. Clashes of two new courses will not be considered.

  • Students who intend to register for HW0188, HW0105, HW0208 and HW0288 courses, please note that the follow index numbers are allocated for the programmes indicated:

    Index Number Series
     50xxx    CEE1/ENE1
     28xxx    CEE/ENE
     62xxx    MS​

    Students who registered to other indices will be de-registered without prior notification.