Curriculum Structure


CV2012 Structural Analysis II

[Lectures: 26 hrs; Tutorials: 13 hrs; Lab: 0 hr; Pre-requisite: CV2011; Academic Units: 3.0]


Learning Objective

The course provides students with the principles of elastic structural analysis and behaviour of indeterminate structures. Classical and modern analysis techniques are introduced to arm the students with the necessary tools to better appreciate the real behaviour of structures.

Course Content

This course embraces classical and modern methods for the analysis of statically indeterminate structures. Principal topics are the force method using consistent deformation and conservation of energy. Deformation of indeterminate structures and the influence lines are taught. Displacement technique involving slope-deflection equations and moment distribution approach are introduced for structures with/without sway.

Course Outline




Influence lines, maximum response functions for continuous beams and frames.


Analysis methods for statically indeterminate structures:

  • Behaviour of beams, trusses and frameworks.
  • Compatibility conditions


Consistent deformation, redundant reactions and member forces.


Displacement methods for statically indeterminate structures:

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Degree of kinematic indeterminacy
  • Equilibrium and compatibility conditions


The slope-deflection method. Application to beams and frames


Principles of iterative solution; the moment distribution method.


Learning Outcome

On successful completion of the course, the student is expected to understand statical indeterminacy and adopt an appropriate structural analysis technique, possess an understanding of the physical response of structures to various loads and to identify the kinematic indeterminacy of structures, perform basic calculations to determine redundant forces and displacements, appreciate the difference between idealised structures, models and real structures.


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