Curriculum Structure


CV3011 Reinforced Concrete Design

[Lectures: 39 hrs; Tutorials: 13 hrs; Pre-requisites: CV2011; Academic Unit: 4.0]

Learning Objective :

The objective is to equip the students with basic understanding of the behaviour of reinforced concrete structures and to develop the skill to analyze and design basic concrete members.

Course Content :




Basic design concepts: Basic layout of concrete structures, loading, basic material properties of concrete and reinforcing steel, limit state design philosophy.


Analysis of structure: Load combinations and loading arrangements, simplification of framed structures, moment redistribution.


Design and analysis of flexural members: Singly and doubly reinforced rectangular sections, flanged sections, shear, bond and anchorage, serviceability.


Solid slabs: Slab actions, design of one-way spanning slabs, two-way spanning slabs.


Columns: Classification, column behaviour, axially loaded rectangular column, uni-axially bent and bi-axially bent columns, column interaction diagram.


Footing design: Design consideration, design of axially loaded pad footing, eccentrically loaded pad footing, eccentric footing.

Learning Outcome :

By the end of this course, the students would be able to:

  1. Analyze and design singly and doubly reinforced concrete beams under flexure and shear, including regular (rectangular shaped) and T-beams.
  2. Analyze and design structural concrete beams subjected to shear loading;
  3. Conduct a service load analysis to control deflection and cracking of beams;
  4. Determine bond length, lap splice and detailing requirements for reinforced concrete members;
  5. Analyze and design one way and two way slabs under flexure and shear;
  6. Conduct a service load analysis to control deflection and cracking of slabs;
  7. Analyze and design reinforced concrete columns and develop moment-axial load interaction curves;
  8. Analyze and design isolated and combined footings; and
  9. Consider the limitations of the design methods used when applying them.

Reading and References :

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