Curriculum Structure


CV3013 Foundation Engineering

[Lecture: 26 hrs ; Tutorial: 13 hrs ; Lab: 0 hr ; Pre-requisite: CV2013, CV2014; Academic Unit: 3.0 ]

Learning Objective :

This course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of geotechnical principles in the design and analysis of shallow foundations, deep foundations and retaining structures.

Course Content :




Site investigation and evaluation of soil parameters


Retaining walls


Braced excavations


Bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations


Axial pile capacity, load tests and pile groups

Learning Outcome :

By the end of this course, you (as a student) would be able to:

  1. Explain the purpose of site investigation and evaluate the design soil parameters
  2. Describe the failure modes of retaining walls and foundation supports
  3. Describe the design philosophy and sequence the process involved in a foundation project
  4. Design simple foundation systems

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