Curriculum Structure


CV3016 Construction Technology and Processes

[Lecture: 26 hr ; Tutorial: 13 hr ; Lab: 0 hr ; Pre-requisite: Nil ; Academic Unit: 3.0 ]

Learning Objective :

This course aims to provide students with a general understanding of various construction methodologies, machineries, and technologies used for the implementation of construction projects. Students will be exposed to various types of civil engineering works, including case studies of building and civil engineering projects in Singapore and overseas. Related legislations and industrial practices such as safety and buildability issues are also discussed.

Course Content :

Construction safety and legislation; construction machinery and operations; basement construction; caisson foundations; tunneling methods, construction of high-rise buildings; prefabrication; bridge construction; dredging and land reclamation; appraisal and building retrofitting; automation and robotics; buildability aspects; use of recycled materials in buildings.

Course Outline :




Construction safety & legislation


Construction machinery


Tunneling construction


Basement construction and caisson foundations


High-rise building construction


Building prefabrication, use of recycled materials


Bridge construction


Dredging, land reclamation and coastal works


Appraisal of structures and building retrofitting


Construction automation and robotics


Buildability scores and practices

Learning Outcome :

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Appreciate the professional and moral duties of an engineer to promote and maintain good safety practices both onsite and at the higher industry level.
  • Select suitable types of machineries for different job operations onsite while understanding the basis/limitations of his/her choice.
  • Prepare method statements and sketches, and describe the construction procedures for various structures including basements, foundations, tunnels, high-rise buildings, bridges and coastal structures.
  • Describe the objectives and methods of building appraisal and retrofitting.
  • Explain the role, types and application of automation and robotics in construction and their potential impact on the construction industry.
  • Understand the underlying factors that would lead to higher level of buildability.

Textbooks :

No specific text is required since the course covers a diverse range of topics.

References :

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