Curriculum Structure


CV4102 Advanced Steel Design

[Lectures: 26 hrs; Tutorials: 13 hrs; Lab: 0 hr; Pre-requisite: CV3012; Academic Units: 3.0]

Learning Objective

To develop a deeper understanding of structural steelwork design based on limit state principles. The materials covered in the course enable students to familiarize with EC 3 and essential part of EC4 for the design of steel structures in practice.

Course Content

The course begins with the moment capacity of plate girders. A general description is given of the plate girder behaviour in terms of elastic buckling of web in shear and bending, and web in tension field action. This is followed by some detailed worked examples on plate girders to EC3. Students are introduced to moment connections to EC3 and composite design of beams and slabs in accordance with EC4. This is followed by plastic analysis and design of steel beams, rectangular and portal frames. This is followed by application of elastic and plastic design to multi-storey rigid frames, and distinction is made between sway frames and non-sway frames. Finally, students are introduced to a complete design of a single-storey building integrating the design of various members and frames together.

Course Outline




Plate girders:
Classification and moment capacity of plate girders, Web capacity and tension field action, Design of vertical stiffeners


Moment Connections


Design of composite beams and slabs


Plastic design, Plastic moment of resistance, Fundamental theorems, Work equation and kinematics, Combined mechanisms, Effect of shear force, axial load and moment


Continuous multi-storey frames, Bracing against sway stability, Elastic design of sway and non-sway frames, Plastic design of sway and non-sway frames Worked examples


Design of single-storey building

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, students will be able to apply the recommendations in EC3 to design steel structures economically and safely. They will be able to design plate girders, moment connections, portal frames and multi-storey rigid frames. They will be able to do both elastic and plastic design of steel structures.


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