Curriculum Structure


CV4711 Seminars and Site Visits

(Seminars/Lectures: 13 hrs (inclusive of 1 site visit); Tutorials: 0 hr; Pre-requisites: none; Academic Unit: 1.0)

Learning Objective

This seminar course will introduce the students to professional aspects of civil and environmental engineering practice, involving actual cases of construction engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, project management, legal aspects, etc by using various presentation methods including lectures and discussions by faculty members and guest speakers, technical films/videos, panel discussions, and site visits.

Course Content

In general, the course consists of 1-hour technical seminar session every week. The topic will vary each week and they will essentially cover as many aspects of civil and environmental engineering practice as possible. At least one site-visit will be arranged for the semester. More site-visits can be arranged when opportunities are available. Depending on the nature of the site-visit, each site-visit can be considered to be equivalent to 1 to 3 hrs of seminar sessions.

Course Outline




Introduction – Rules and Options


Seminar/Lecture Series - Part 1


Site Visit


Seminar/Lecture Series - Part 2

Learning Outcome

The students are expected know how the theoretical knowledge that they learn in class are relevant to the real engineering practice. They will know various types of projects and, through the site-visits, how the theories that they learned are applied in practice.


If needed, this will be determined before the start of the semester.


If needed, this will be determined before the start of the semester.​