Curriculum Structure


MT3003 Organization of a Ship Owning Entity

[Lectures: 39 hrs; Tutorials: 0 hrs; Lab: 0 hrs; Pre-requisite: Nil; Academic Units:3]

Learning Objective :

To teach the students the basics of company law and the different ways of structuring a shipowning entity. Company structures will be examined and pros and cons of applying different legal structures will be evaluated and explained. The implications and procedures of ship building and repair contracts will be discussed in the framework of the organizing of the companies.

Course Content :

Pools and joint ventures, legal, strategic, administrative or commercial aspects of shipping. Laws and regulations applicable to ship owning entity. Shipowner and taxes, national and international tax laws and sale taxes. Ship registration and classification. New building of ships and repair contacts. Scrapping of vessels.

Course Outline :




General company law, Rules relating to companies, national and international laws, Terms and legal concepts


Sole proprietorships


Limited Companies


Structures and decision powers, reporting routines


Companies with unlimited liabilities


Pools and joint ventures in shipping


Registration of vessels – the company aspect


Ship building and ship repair contracts


Case work

Learning Outcome :
Upon completion of the course, students should be able to identify different legal structures and determine the legal powers and responsibilities of the different options used on an international basis. They will have a general knowledge of company law as well as how to structure the various legal entities.

Textbooks :


References :

Falkanger T., Bull, H.J. and Brautaset, L.. “Scandinavian maritime law: the Norwegian perspective”. 2nd ed. Oslo : Universitetsforlaget, 2004.​