Curriculum Structure


MT4004 Research Project

[Lecture: 0 hr ; Tutorial: 0 hr ; Lab: 0 hr ; Pre-requisite: Year 4 standing; Academic Unit: 8.0 ]

Learning Objective :

The objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to undertake an in-depth research investigation in one of the disciplines in maritime studies.

Course Content :

Final year students will carry out project work from any discipline in Maritime Studies. The project should belong to one or more of the following disciplines: maritime logistics; shipping management; maritime technology; maritime science, shipping strategy; ship chartering; case studies; etc. The project duration is over the entire academic year or calendar year. A formal report will be required. Each student is required to make an oral presentation.

Learning Outcome :

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to apply and integrate concepts learned in various subjects in maritime studies. They will be able to specialise and gain in-depth knowledge in one of the disciplines in maritime studies. They will also be able to conduct independent research investigation in maritime studies.

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