Curriculum Structure


SU2001 Urban Planning & Design

[Lectures: 26 hours; Tutorials: 13 hours; Pre-requisites: Nil; Academic Unit : 3 AU]

Learning Objective

  1. To learn urban planning and design at an introductory level.
  2. To build basic analytical and planning and design skills to solve urban problems.
  3. To link theory and practice of the urban planning and design concepts.

Course Content

This course introduces urban planning & design at the foundation level.

  1. Urban planning & design in the framework of sustainable city development.
  2. Urban planning & design from a sustainable city point of view as well as tools of providing a more liveable city.

Course Outline

S/N Topic
1 Introduction to Urban Planning & Design
2 Fundamental evolution and principles of Urban Planning & Design. The evolution of urban planning - From Sir Howard “Garden City”, to Kelvin Lynch ”City Forms” to Louise Law Olmsted Jr. „Emerald Necklace” to the current “Ecocity”
3 Land use planning – zoning, land use, density, plot ratio, buffers, planning modes ( concentric vs. linear)
4 Urban design and city form – Streetscape, focus, vista, districts.
5 Environmental planning – Ecology, landscape, heritage, environmental impacts, renewable energies, pollutions, preservation & conservation etc.
6 Infrastructure planning – Human essentials: water, drainage sewers, power & electricity, transportation etc.
7 Social-economics and Institutional planning – Facilities for urban living, housing, healthcare, education, religious, working and leisure.
8 Urban Management- Sustainability and revitalizing, changing demographics and population profile.
9 Planning for the future – urban trends and new technologies and needs.
10 Financing urban planning projects – Public funding, private funding, PPP funding.
11 Urban planning staging and deliverables
12 Best practices – Guidelines and examples
13 Summary of integrates urban planning deliverables to achieve livable cities

Learning Outcome

Students will be introduced to the interesting arena of urban planning and design of cities at an introductory professional level, and they will gain insight how urbanization is evolved with its urban issues; and students will able to gain understanding and knowledge on how to plan and design on their urban environment.


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