Student Achievements


Academic Improvement Award (AIA)

  • This award aims to recognize students who have shown significant improvement in their academic performance in the immediate past one year.
  • The award is given based on the improvement in the Year GPA (YGPA) of the academic year under consideration, over the previous academic year.
  • Students who have the last 2 years of YGPA for comparisons will be considered for the award (i.e. students with fewer than 2 years of results will not be considered).
  • In addition, these students must have taken at least the normal load in the 2 academic years (i.e. 4 semesters) under consideration. For simplicity, 15 AU of graded courses are taken as the normal load in one semester. For students going for IA or exchange in one semester, there must be 15 AU of graded courses for the whole Academic Year.
  • This award will be given to those students who have attained a minimum improvement of YGPA of 1.00. The actual number of awards would be subjected to the fund available in each year.
  • The students will be awarded the following:

    • Certificate: To be signed by Chair
    • Cash Award: $250
    • Get-together lunch with Mentor (cap at S$25 per pax, including the mentor, claimable by the faculty)
  • To recognize the effort put in by the mentors, mentors will receive the following for each of his mentors receiving the Academic Improvement Award

    • Certificate of Appreciation: To be signed by Chair
    • Cash Award: $100
  • There will be no formal presentation ceremony and the students will be informed to collect the award from their mentor (e.g. over the get-together lunch). The School will only report the number of recipients.