Faculty Directory


Faculty Directory, A - E



Cao Bin

Associate Professor

Research Area: Environmental Bioprocesses and Biotechnology

Location: N1-01c-69


Email: bincao@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5277


Chen Charng Ning

Emeritus Professor

Research Area: Water Resources Engineering

Location: N1-01b-57


Email: cnchen@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5315


Cheung Sai Hung

Assistant Professor

Research Area: Computational Mechanics

Location: N1-01a-07


Email: shcheung@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5329


Chiew Yee Meng


Research Area: Sustainable Urban Waterways/Waterbodies

Location: N1-01b-53


Email: cymchiew@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5256


Chiu Sai Hoi, Benson


Research Area: Maritime Studies

Location: N1-01b-44


Email: BensonChiu@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5273


Chong Tzyy Haur

Assistant Professor

Research Area: Membrane Science and Technology

Location: N1-01c-91


Email: THChong@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6513-8126 / 6908-1438


Chu Jian

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering

Research Area: Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics)

Location: N1-01a-10 / N1-B2a-10


Email: cjchu@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-4563



Okan Duru

Assistant Professor

Research Area: Maritime Studies

Location: N1-01c-95


Email: okanduru@ntu.edu.sg


Tel: (65) 6790-5299