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Okan Duru

Programme Director, M.Sc (Maritime Studies)

Assistant Professor
BEng MEng MSc Ph.D.
Office: N1-01c-95
Tel: (65) 6790-5299
Email: okanduru@ntu.edu.sg

2017-present   Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
2015-2016   Assistant Professor, Department of Maritime Administration, Texas A&M University at Galveston, U.S.A.
2013-2015   Visiting Scholar, Kobe University, Japan
2013-2015   Assistant Professor, Department of Ship and Marine Technology, Izmir Katip Celebi University
2006-2013   Research Fellow, Department of Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
2005-2006   Research Fellow, Department of Mercantile Marine Transport, Ministry of Transport, Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs.
2003-2004   Project Member, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey (In cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency-JICA and Kobe University).

  • Maritime Business and Economics
  • Shipping Asset Management
  • Behavioural and Institutional Economics of Shipping
  • Computer Intelligence for Finance and Economics

  • Gharehgozli, A. H., J. Mileski and Duru O. (2017). Heuristic Estimation of Container Stacking and Reshuffling Operations under the Containership Delay Factor and Mega-Ship Challenge. Maritime Policy and Management (in press).
  • Angelopoulos J., O. Duru, C. Chlomoudis (2016). Spectral dynamics of dry cargo shipping markets. theory of long waves–fact or artifact. International Journal of Transport Economics, 43 (2), 224-227.
  • Bulut E., Huang S.T. and Duru O. (2016). A Multi-Dimension QFD Design for the Service Quality Assessment of Kansai International Airport-Japan. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (in press).
  • Duru O. and Bulut E. (2014). A non-linear clustering method for fuzzy time series: Histogram damping partition under the optimized cluster paradox. Applied Soft Computing, 24, 742-748.
  • Duru, O. (2013). Irrational exuberance, overconfidence and short-termism: Knowledge-to-action asymmetry in shipping asset management. The Asian Journal of Shipping & Logistics, 29(1), 43-58.
  • Bulut E., Duru O. and Yoshida, S. (2013). Market entry, asset returns, and irrational exuberance: Asset management anomalies in dry cargo shipping. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 5(6), 652-667.
  • Duru, O., Huang, S.T., Bulut E. and Yoshida, S. (2013). Multi-Layer Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach for improving the compromised quality satisfaction under the agency problem: A 3D QFD design for the asset selection problem in the shipping industry. Quality & Quantity, June 2013, Vol. 47(4), 2259-2280.
  • Bulut E., Duru O. and Yoshida, S. (2012). Fuzzy integrated logical forecasting model for the time charter rates of dry bulk shipping: A vector autoregressive design of fuzzy time series with fuzzy c-means clustering. Maritime Economics & Logistics, Vol. 14, 300-318.
  • Duru, O., Bulut E. and Yoshida, S. (2012). Regime switching AHP model for choice-varying priorities problem and expert consistency prioritization: A cubic fuzzy-priority matrix design. Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 39(5), 4954-4964.
  • Duru, O. (2012). A multivariate model of Fuzzy Integrated Logical Forecasting method (M-FILF) and multiplicative time series clustering: A model of time-varying volatility for dry cargo freight market. Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 39(4), 4135-4142.
  • Bulut E., Duru O., Keçeci T. and Yoshida, S. (2012). Use of consistency index, decision prioritization and direct numerical inputs for generic Fuzzy-AHP modeling: A process model for shipping asset management. Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 39(2), 1911-1923.
  • Duru, O. and Yoshida, S. (2011). Long term freight market index and inferences (republication by the copyright transfer of the Journal of Logistics and Shipping Economics). Asian Journal of Shipping & Logistics, Vol. 27(3), 405-422.
  • Duru, O. (2010). Fuzzy integrated logical forecasting model for dry bulk shipping index forecasting: An improved fuzzy time series approach. Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 37(7), 5372-5380.
  • Duru, O. (2016). Motivations behind irrationality in the shipping asset management. Maritime Business Review, 1(2), pp. 163–184.

  • Korea Shipowners Association, Commended Paper Award, Keelung, Taiwan, 2016.
  • Best Student Paper Award, IAME 2015, Kuala Lumpur (Dr. Duru as co-author).
  • EAGLE Prize (Outstanding Young Researcher), International Association of Maritime Economists, Taipei, 2012.
  • Shortlisted for Ikushi Prize of Emperor of Japan, 2012 (out of 120 young scholars in the entire country for all research fields) 日本学術振興会 育志賞.
  • Japan Society of Logistics & Shipping Economics, International Exchange Award, 2011.
  • Monbusho Scholarship, Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 2007 (for five years).