Faculty Directory


Chen Charng Ning

Emeritus Professor

Office: N1-01b-57
Tel: (65) 6790-5315
Email: CNCHEN@ntu.edu.sg


  • PhD Georgia Institute of Technology 1970
  • MS State University of Iowa 1964
  • BS Cheng-Kung University 1961

Current projects

  • Flow and Entrainment Characteristics of Density Stratified Liquids in a Slotted Compartment, Induced by a Submerged Flow Stream.
  • Pilot Study on Feasibility of Storing Freshwater in the Sea.(NTU/NSTB)

  • Chen, C.N., Law, A.W.K. and Sun, W.D. (1999). Measures to Mitigate the Formation of Sandbars at Coastal Drainage Outlets. Proceeding, 2nd Seminar on Joint Research Between ENV, May 31, 1999..
  • Shuy, E.B., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N., Chua Hock Chye. (1999). Entrainment across a density interface inside a cylindrical tank with a concentric base opening. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 37(1), 253-267.
  • Shuy, E.B., Chua, H.C., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N. (1998). Feasibility of storing freshwater in floating tanks in the sea. Journal of Hydraulic Research, .
  • Shuy, E.B., Chui, P.C., Chen, C.N., Chua Hock Chye. (1998). Unified entrainment equation for turbulent mixing in rectangular and cylindrical compartments induced by an under flow.
  • Shuy, E.B., Chen, C.N. (1998). Flow and entrainment characteristics of density stratified liquids in a slotted compartment induced by a submerged flow stream.