Faculty Directory


Lam Siu Lee, Jasmine

  • Director, Maritime Energy and Sustainable Development (MESD) Centre of Excellence

  • Programme Director, B.Sc (Maritime Studies)

Associate Professor
PhD, MSc Econ, MSc Mgt, BSc (Hons), CILT
Office: N1-01b-43
Tel: (65) 6790-5276
Email: sllam@ntu.edu.sg


  • PhD in Applied Economics Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Master of Science degree in Transport and Maritime Management at the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA), University of Antwerp (awarded Great Distinction, Magna cum laude)
  • Master of Science degree in Transport and Maritime Economics at ITMMA, University of Antwerp (awarded Great Distinction, Magna cum laude)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Qualifying Examinations (the highest level), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Current position

  • Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Previous positions

  • Assistant Professor and Teaching Fellow, Nanyang Technological University
  • Lecturer, Tutor, and Researcher, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Customer Service Executive in various companies

Appointment in Professional Societies

  • Elected Council Member of the International Association of Maritime Economists - the leading society on Maritime Studies
  • Member of BNP Paribas Chair international scientific committee

Teaching and public speaking

Dr Lam has extensive experience in university teaching and executive training in the fields of maritime studies, logistics, and supply chain management. She has been invited by various organisations such as Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, port authorities and banks as a key speaker at international conferences and seminars.

Student and post-doctoral fellow supervision

Dr Lam is a passionate mentor who guided 3 PhD graduates, 64 final year project students, 20 URECA students and many others at NTU. She is currently supervising a number of post-doctoral research fellows, PhD candidates and other students.

Research and consultancy

Leading a R&D team and working closely with the industry, government agencies and other reputed universities, Dr Lam has completed a plenty of both academic and industrial projects. One of the projects is Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) R&D Programme Analysing Marine Cargo Risk and its Impact on Ports. She has widely published in leading international journals, refereed book chapters, and conference proceedings. 

Dr Lam has served many international conferences as a member of international steering committee and session chair. She has also been invited to serve as a reviewer for many top journals, international conferences and scientific work in multiple areas of Maritime Studies, Logistics and Supply Chain, Transportation, Mathematical Modelling, and Environment. (Jan 2006 to present)

These international journals include:

  • Computers & Operations Research 
  • European Journal of Operational Research 
  • ISA Transactions 
  • Mathematical and Computer Modelling 
  • International Journal of Production Economics 
  • International Journal of Production Research 
  • Journal of Business Logistics 
  • Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 
  • Transportmetrica 
  • Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 
  • Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 
  • Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 
  • Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 
  • International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 
  • Journal of Advanced Transportation 
  • Journal of Transport Geography 
  • Transport Policy 
  • Transportation Journal 
  • Environment and Planning A 
  • Growth and Change 
  • Maritime Policy & Management 
  • Maritime Economics & Logistics 
  • International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics 
  • International Journal of Transport Economics 
  • International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 
  • International Journal of Logistics Management 
  • Ocean & Coastal Management

And others


  • Associate Editor, Maritime Policy & Management, a flagship journal of maritime research, SSCI journal published by Taylor & Francis
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Shipping and Trade, a new journal published by Springer
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Supply Chain Management, a flagship journal of supply chain research, SSCI journal published by Wiley
  • Section Editor, The Maritime Economists Magazine, Professional magazine of the International Association of Maritime Economists
  • Guest editor, special issue of various journals such as Accident Analysis and Prevention

      Main research interest

      • Management, strategy and modelling for supply chains, shipping, ports and other related areas
      • Development of integrated intelligent systems/ decision support systems
      • Port planning and operations
      • Sustainable development
      • Risk management
      • Maritime logistics
      • Supply chain management
      • Maritime and port policy
      • Trade and maritime developments, especially for Asia

      • National Day Honours 2015 Commendation Medal awarded by the President of Singapore, Prime Minister’s Office, 2015
      • Best Paper Award in International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering, 2014
      • Erasmus Mundus Faculty Scholar Award, awarded by European Commission, 2014-2016
      • Next Generation Container Port Challenge Commendation Prize, awarded by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Singapore Maritime Institute, 2013
      • Eagle Prize, awarded by the International Association of Maritime Economists, 2012
      • Best Reviewer Award, The International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, Taipei, 2012
      • Eminent Scholar Award, awarded by the Chinese government eminent scholar programme, 2012
      • Best Paper Award, The International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference, Melbourne, 2006
      • Scholarship awarded by the Administration of Foreign Affairs of Flanders, Belgium, 2001-2002

      Refereed journals

      (Bold denotes first author or first academic and/ or corresponding author)

      For a more updated publication list, please visit Researchgate - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jasmine_Siu_Lee_Lam?ev=hdr_xprf

      Year 2016

      • Lam, J.S.L. and Bai, X. 2016. A quality function deployment approach to improve maritime supply chain resilience, Transportation Research Part E, DOI: 10.1016/j.tre.2016.01.012
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      • Lam, J.S.L. and Lim, J.M. 2016. Incorporating corporate social responsibility in strategic planning: Case of ship-operating companies, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Vol. 8(3), pp. 273-293
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      • Zhang, Y. and Lam, J.S.L. (forthcoming) A copula approach in the point estimate method for reliability engineering, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, DOI: 10.1002/qre.1860.

      • Year 2015

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      • Year 2014

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      • Year 2013

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      • Year 2010 and before

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