Faculty Directory


Susanto Teng

Associate Professor
BSCE, MSCE, PhD (Iowa)
Office: N1-01c-83
Tel: (65) 6790-5289
Email: csteng@ntu.edu.sg


  • PhD; University of Iowa (1991)
  • MSCE; University of Iowa (1987)
  • BSCE; University of Iowa (1986)


  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), since 1986
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI), since 1987
  • ACI-ASCE Technical Committee 421 - reinforced concrete slabs
  • ACI Technical Committee 435 - deflection of concrete building structures
  • ACI-ASCE Technical Committee 445 - Shear and Torsion
  • International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib), since 2003

  • Various experimental investigation of prestressed and non prestressed concrete beams, deep beams and walls; interior, edge, corner slab-column connections, and flat plate floor systems with irregular column layout; ultra-high-strength concrete and fibre-reinforced concrete structural members; size effect, effect of openings on flat plates, and various types of shear reinforcements; creep and shrinkage effects in concrete structures; and durability and corrosion probability of reinforced concrete structures in severe environments.

  • Development of Analytical, Computational, and Finite Element (FE) constitutive models of cracks and multidirectional cracks for concrete and prestressed concrete structures; finite element formulation of shear strength of beams, deep beams, slabs, and walls; time-dependent formulation for creep and shrinkage effects; FE modelling of tall concrete buildings; and effect of column reinforcement ratio in time-dependent shortening of concrete columns in tall buildings.

Professional Activities

Member of Singapore's Eurocodes Advisory Committee which evaluated the suitability of the Eurocodes as the main Building Codes for Singapore. Member of SPRING Singapore's Technical Committee on Building Structure and Substructure, and the use of various concrete materials and high strength reinforcing steel bars in accordance with the new Eurocodes.

Consultant to various engineering companies for the analysis and design of concrete structures; high-rise condominium and office buildings, including: the 60-storey Orchard Residences and ION Orchard, Gramercy Park, Cliveden, Interlace, Boulevard Vue, etc; design and analysis of very large (approx. 1000 m x 200 m) fibre reinforced concrete floor for ship warehouse; large concrete shell for silo and dome structures; etc.

Advisor for Concrete Canoe student projects where Civil & Env Engineering students from several tertiary Institutions compete to make canoes made of floating concrete. The concrete material itself has to float on water.

Awards and Fellowship:

  • Nanyang Award for Teaching Excellence (2010) for best teaching records 3 years in a row.
  • Japan Concrete Institute Award (2011) for best paper, presented at Our World in Concrete Conference.
  • SPRING Merit Award (2015) for significant contributions towards quality and standards for building codes in Singapore.
  • Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship (2006) - to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

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