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Management System Clause Document No. Title/ Remarks
4.1 General requirements NTU/CEE/MS/1 CEE OSHMS
NTU/OHS/SOP/37.0 Workplace Safety Ownership
4.2 OSH Policy
4.2 Policy NTU/CEE/MS/27 CEE Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy
4.3 Planning
4.3.1 Hazard Identification, risk assessment and determining controls NTU/OHS/SOP/04 SOP on Risk Management
NTU/CEE/SOP/24 SOP on Project Space Request
4.3.2 Legal and other requirements NTU/CEE/SOP/40 SOP on Legal and Other Requirements
NTU/OHS/SOP/26 SOP on Legal and Other Requirements
4.3.3 Objectives and Programme(s) NA Refer to CEE OSHMS section on Objective and Programmes
4.4 Implementation & Operation
4.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility, accountability and authority NA Refer to CEE OSHMS section 4.4.1
NTU/OHS/SOP/22 SOP on Terms of References for Workplace Health and Safety Committee, Workplace Safety Officers and Workplace Safety Representatives in Schools/Departments of NTU/NIE
4.4.2 Competence, Training & Awareness NTU/OHS/DIR/04 Safety Training and Communication Directive
NTU/CEE/SOP/44 SOP on Safety Training
4.4.3 Communication, Participation and Consultation NTU/CEE/SOP/30 SOP on Communication, Participation and Consultation
4.4.4 Documentation NA Refer to CEE OSHMS section on Documentation
4.4.5 Control of Document NTU/CEE/SOP/7 SOP on Control of Documents
4.4.6 Operational Controls NTU/OHS/GUIDE/1 Guideline on Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/6 Guideline on Handling and Working with Nanomaterials
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/8 Guideline on Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/10 Guideline on Disposal of Laboratory Waste
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/11 Guideline on Safe Use of Ladders
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/13 Guideline on Laboratory Design
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/15 Guideline on safe use of Cryogenic Liquid
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/16 Guideline on Safety Requirements for Exhibition Events
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/33 Guideline on Laboratory Users Exit Clearance
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/34 Guideline on Storage and Handling of Lithium & Sodium Ion Battery Safety
NTU/OHS/SMB/1 Safety Manual for Biological Work
NTU/OHS/SMC/1 NTU Safety Manual for Chemical Work
NTU/CEE/SOP/9 SOP on Contractor Management
NTU/CEE/SOP/11 SOP on working at height
NTU/CEE/SOP/12 SOP on Maintenance of Equipment
NTU/CEE/SOP/13 SOP on Biological Work
NTU/CEE/SOP/15 SOP on The Use of Personal Protective Equipment
NTU/CEE/SOP/16 SOP on Handling of Sharps
NTU/CEE/SOP/17 SOP on Safe use of ladders
NTU/CEE/SOP/18 SOP on working after office hour in Laboratories and Workshops
NTU/CEE/SOP/19 SOP on Handling of Broken Glassware
NTU/CEE/SOP/20 SOP on using Electrical Plugs and Sockets
4.4.6 Operational Controls NTU/CEE/SOP/21 SOP on Workplace Noise Management
NTU/CEE/SOP/22 SOP on Use of Compressed Air in Laboratories and Workshops
NTU/CEE/SOP/26 SOP on Use of Hydrothermal Reactors
NTU/CEE/SOP/29 SOP on Disposal of Laboratory Waste
NTU/CEE/SOP/31 SOP on Use of Printers And Photocopiers
NTU/CEE/SOP/32 SOP on Chemical Management
NTU/CEE/SOP/38 SOP For Radiation Work (Ionising Non-ionising)
NTU/CEE/SOP/39 SOP on Safety Rules
NTU/OHS/SOP/7 SOP on Hotwork Operation
NTU/OHS/SOP/8 SOP on Workplace Energy Lockout Tagout
NTU/OHS/SOP/10 SOP on Working in Confined Space
NTU/OHS/SOP/11 SOP on Crane Lifting Operation
NTU/OHS/SOP/13 SOP on Contractor Management
NTU/OHS/SOP/19 SOP on Provision of OFA and FA Boxes
NTU/OHS/SOP/22 SOP on TORs for WSH Committee, Safety Officers and Safety Representatives
NTU/OHS/SOP/23 SOP on Chemical Exposure Monitoring
NTU/OHS/SOP/25 SOP on Respiratory Protection Programme
NTU/OHS/SOP/28 SOP on Immunization Grid
NTU/OHS/SOP/30 SOP on Tenant Management
NTU/OHS/SOP/32 SOP on Fume Cupboard Testing
NTU/OHS/SOP/33 SOP on Hazard Communication Program
NTU/OHS/SOP/36 SOP on Emergency Preparedness for Fire and Chemical Incident
4.4.7 Emergency preparedness and response NTU/CEE/SOP/2 CEE Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
NTU/OHS/GUIDE/28 Guideline on Use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in NTU
4.5 Checking
4.5.1 Performance measurement & monitoring NTU/OHS/SOP/31 SOP on Medical Surveillance
NTU/CEE/SOP/28 SOP on Performance Measurement and Monitoring
4.5.2 Evaluation of Compliance NTU/OHS/SOP/18 SOP on Audit and Safety Inspection
NTU/CEE/SOP/43 SOP on Safety Inspection
NTU/CEE/SOP/25 SOP on Compliance Audit Programme
4.5.3 Incident investigation, nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action NTU/OHS/SOP/5 SOP on Workplace Incident Investigation and Reporting
NTU/CEE/SOP/42 SOP on Corrective and Preventive Action Report
4.5.4 Control of records NTU/OHS/SOP/27.2 SOP on Control of Records
4.5.5 Internal Audit NTU/CEE/SOP/23 SOP on Internal Audit
4.6 Management Review NA CEE Management Review Meeting Slides