Completed Projects

Project Title & School/Centre
​Principal Investigator (PI)
​Empirical Study of Tidal Backwater Effects on Drainage Design at Jurong Island Ayer Chawan Basin ​Tan Soon Keat ​Feb’12 to Apr’14
​Water Quality Simulation Study for Selat Jurong Waterway, Temasek Fairway ​Adrian Law ​Jun’12 to Aug’13
​Feasibility Studies on Vanadium-redox Flow Batteries for Energy Storage in Buildings ​Zhao Jiyun
Tseng King Jet
​May’12 to May’15
​A Study on Social Impact on Public Towards Underground Cavern Development ​Robert Tiong ​Jun’12 to Nov’13
​Shaft Design Optimisation for Construction and Operation ​Lu Ming
Zhao Zhiye
​Jul’12 to Feb’14
​Feasibility Study on Bendable Concrete Precast Pavement ​Yang En-Hua ​Jul’12 to Dec’13
​Integrated Structures and Materials Design for Precast Concrete 66kV Substation against Progressive Collapse ​Tan Kang Hai ​Jul’12 to Dec’14
​Food Waste-to-Energy Biodiesel (FWEB) System: Towards “Zero” Organic Waste and Energy Sustainability ​Wang Jing-Yuan ​Sep’13 to Oct’14
​Smart Building Management System with Dynamic Indoor Occupant Positioning System (DIOPS) ​Yu Hao ​Feb’14 to Mar’15
​Application of Engineering Cementitious Composites (ECC) and Blast Detailing on National Critical Infrastructures against Blast Loading ​Tan Kang Hai ​Oct’13 to Sep’15
​Novel Thermal Comfort Control for Enhancing Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning Systems in Hot Humid Climate ​Tseng King Jet ​Jul’14 to Jun’15
​Further Development and Optimisation of the Post Construction Quality Inspection Robot (QuicaBot) and Spray Painting Robot (PictoBot) ​Chen I-Ming ​Jan’17 to Apr’ 17
​Customisation of Decision Aid for Tunnelling (DAT) Software for Construction Risk Assessment Studies for the Underground Science City (USC) at Kent Ridge and Underground Warehousing & Logistics Facility (UWLF) at Tanjong Kling/Jurong Hill ​Robert Tiong ​May’12 to Mar’15
​Post-Mortem Assessment of Beaudrain-S Site Trial ​Chu Jian ​Jun’13 to Oct’15
​DC Renewable Connected Building Grid for Wireless intelligent LED Lighting system (WiLLs) ​Marcus Koh ​Jan’14 to Sep’15