Ongoing Projects

Project Title & School/Centre
Principal Investigator
(PI) ​

​NTU-JTC I3 C and SINTEF Joint Research for Cost Effective Advanced Grouting Technology for Water Control During Cavern Excavation ​Zhao Zhiye ​Jan’15 to Dec’18
​Improving the Productivity of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Applications ​Ng Kee Woei ​Sep’15 to Mar’ 18
​Use of Jurong Rock for Geopolymer Concrete Production ​Yang En-Hua ​Sep’ 15 to Dec’ 19
​Field Demonstration of Precast Bendable Concrete Pavement ​Yang En-Hua ​Sep’ 16 to Aug’ 19
​Fire and Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Steel Structures ​Aravind Dasari ​Oct’ 16 to Apr’ 18
​The Behaviour and Design of Innovative Composite Concrete-steel Structural System ​Tan Kang Hai ​Apr’17 to Mar’20
​Generation III Coatings: Fire Resistance and Beyond ​Aravind Dasari ​Oct’17 to Oct’19
​Pilot Implementation of an Integrated BIM-based Onsite Logistics Management and Smart Crane System for JTC Industrial Project ​Robert Tiong ​Mar’18 to Sep’19
​Engineering Software for Eurocode Element Design and Detailing of Industrial Precast Components ​Zhao Ou ​Mar’18 to Feb’20
​Pilot Field Trial on the Application of Soft Materials for Reclamation Fill Using Menard Vacuum Consolidation ​Tan Soon Keat ​Mar’13 to Jul’18