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History of PTRC

Established in September 1998, the Protective Technology Research Centre (PTRC) is an inter-disciplinary research centre jointly funded by NTU and the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). 

Hosted in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Centre provides the necessary focus for joint R&D efforts in dynamics and protective engineering. PTRC also serves as a platform for synergistic R&D programmes which involve NTU’s applied science and engineering schools.​

Over the years, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering has been working closely with the Protective Infrastructure and Estate (PI), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), which was known as the Lands and Estates Organisation of MINDEF before 2000.

Besides DSTA, the School has also worked with the Public Works Department of the Ministry of National Development and the Singapore Joint Civil Defence Force of the Ministry of Home Affairs on several joint research projects. Some of the projects were on the effects of dynamic, explosion or blast loading on blast doors, foundations of civil defence shelters, underground facilities and aboveground structures. These research projects involve both numerical simulations and experimental investigations on the effects of high-intensity transient dynamic loading on soil and rock media as well as on structural components and systems.

Building on the success of these projects, MINDEF proposed in 1997 to set up jointly with NTU an inter-school research centre, the Protective Technology Research Centre, to conduct and manage focused R&D programmes on protective engineering.