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​​​​​​​The Protective Technology Research Centre (PTRC) was established on 29 September 1998 via the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Most of the joint R&D projects in PTRC have been supported by DSTA, MINDEF. PTRC’s R&D project with DSTA on the development of underground space for civilian and military uses represents one of the most successful examples of joint R&D projects with the industry or government agencies. The project supports the national effort in constructing caverns and tunnels within granite, as well as sedimentary rocks for the storage of strategic materials.

As part of the Underground Technology and Rock Engineering (UTRE) programme, DSTA and PTRC, together with geologists of Building and Construction Authority (BCA), studied soil samples over the past 2 years to compile the Geology of Singapore.

The second edition of Geology of Singapore was recently launched on 18 March 2009 at the Inaugural Defence Construction Seminar 2009. It will be a useful reference for construction and urban planning professionals, who are constantly looking for space to develop in land-scarce Singapore.

The Straits Times article on the Construction of Jurong Rock Cavern (dated 16 April 2009) also shows the successful transfer of PTRC technology from military usage with DSTA to civilian usage, in which PTRC and DSTA act as consultants to JTC Corp. The Jurong Rock Cavern will be the first underground oil storage facility in Singapore and Southeast Asia.​

Photo: Straits Times